We take our own medicine.

Our powerful and proprietary approach at "looking under the hood" of an organization or an individual's leadership is one of the things that sets us apart. Nothing provokes change faster than getting all the voices in the room participating in the conversation.  We're no different than you when it comes to needing an honest look under our hood.  While nobody gets straight "A's", we thought you would enjoy reading about a few of the "A's" we did get.  (After we get to know you better, you can see the "B's" and "C's".)

Client Satisfaction Survey Results

Some of our most recent summary headlines include:

  • Navalent quickly builds rapport with new clients and develops a strong following by consistently doing top-notch work
  • Navalent is exceptionally talented; they are seen as trusted partners who offer pragmatic advice and have the courage to keep clients honest
  • Use of senior partners, data-based approach, customized solutions, and going above and beyond make Navalent stand apart from the competition
  • Unlike the big firms, Navalent provides customized solutions rather than force clients into set models, formulas, and processes

Our Client Satisfaction Survey Results provides more summary headlines and verbatim comments from our clients.