Josh Epperson

Josh Epperson

Josh works with both community-based NGOs and multi-national corporations in a variety of industries, all of which require the organizations and their leaders to deliver increasing levels of performance and adaptable capability. His work consists of large-scale organization and culture change, organization architecture, and leadership development. Some of his clients have included Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, GlaxoSmithKline, McDonald's Corporation, Phase 2 Consulting, Gates Corporation, ConAgra Foods, Cadbury Schweppes, Golden Key, Starbucks Coffee Company, Hershey, TriHealth, Everett Washington USA, The Atlantic Philanthropies, and Microsoft. 

Josh’s recent writing focuses on building sustainable and productive cross-generational relationships in the workplace. He is co-author of Bridging the Leadership Divide: Building High-Performance Leadership Relationships Across Generations (Pfeiffer, 2010).  He is also the co-author of, Future in-Formation: Choosing a Generative Organizational Life (Outskirts, 2008), which addresses ways organizations and communities can further leverage the human endeavor toward greater effectiveness and social engagement.

Josh has designed and facilitated many large-scale leadership simulation-based learning interventions that merge multiple traditionally viewed one-off training methodologies into one experience with the various components that are most relevant for each learning context. During these leadership immersions, participants assume leadership roles in fictitious organizations, try on new leadership behaviors in a low-risk environment, and get feedback on their styles of relating and ability to perform.

He earned a Master's of Science in Organizational Development at Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business and Management. Some of his recent research is focused on the topic of an organization’s ability to create interdependence across its businesses and functions and the role those relationships play in increasing performance and competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Josh also holds an MA in Counseling Psychology from Mars Hill Graduate School in Seattle, WA. Previously, he worked as a therapist helping clients with severe mental health disorders. His work and study in the field of behavioral sciences has greatly contributed to his life and work as an organization development professional.