A track record of making a difference.

We hope these illustrative examples help you learn about us and how we have distinguished ourselves when accompanying leaders and their organizations through unprecedented rites of passage…to next.

We cross paths and partner with leaders and their organizations when they are experiencing profound change, need to navigate it quickly and effectively, and don’t have the luxury of a second shot. We consider it a privilege to partner with you during such crucial moments of your individual and organizational life.  Here are just a few of the leading organizations with whom we've had the honor to partner.

The bottom line...we get the job done.  And we do it in a way that builds the capabilities and relationships necessary to sustain success after we're gone. Our proprietary diagnostic methodology provides leaders and their organizations with the necessary information about themselves to thoroughly ground the required work and their involvement in it. Our collaborative approach to getting results enables leaders and organizations to build:

  • An organization aligned and able to execute strategy faster
  • Organizations designed to deliver higher economic and market performance (e.g. Profitable, customer retention, top-line growth)
  • Leaders more prepared to take on broader strategic assignments in the service of growth
  • Leadership development systems that amplify leadership capability across the enterprise

We look forward to partnering with you to secure the results your future requires.

Illustrative Cases

Start Up and Hyper Growth

Helped a start-up CEO successfully navigate hyper growth over 18 months ($50 to $400M). Supported CEO with two cycles of organization and governance re-design to scale effectively, manage key leadership role transitions as senior team changed focus, navigate evolving relationships with the board, and provided ongoing organization diagnostics (employees and customers) to monitor progress.

Stalled Innovation in a Global Enterprise

CEO of a $2B global product manufacturer needed to realign his senior team and organization around an aggressive growth strategy. An initial diagnosis helped the CEO assess risks to innovation and growth. Designed an offsite to deal with core issues, charted a new course for the senior team, and implemented structural changes to enhance innovation.

Accelerating High-Potential Leadership

Worked with global $6B enterprise in high tech to assess and prepare their top 250 most promising young executives to accelerate their readiness for broader roles.  Combined dynamic assessment, content, custom simulation, and creative feedback processes to enable the faster movement of emerging talent into critically strategic roles.

Strengthening Execution

Supported a $2B in sales consumer packaged goods President re-craft the senior team and change the governance model for how to run the business to increase speed and quality of execution. Business is setting performance records and beating the biggest competitor in the market for the first time in five years.

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