Senior Internal Consulting University

A strong cadre of change management professionals could be the make or break difference in getting your strategy executed.  Why not build your own?

Too frequently, internal consultants feel like the “last kid picked” for the team, if they get picked at all. As a leader of an internal consulting unit - HR, OD, Strategy, etc., - you are eager to contribute to the central priorities of the organization. You are tired of being dismissed or discounted, spending much of your time watching from the sidelines and waiting for the episodic invitation from executive partners to get into the game. Increasing the relevance and contribution of internal practitioners to effectively influence and lead significant change is a must. You want to make a difference, to have greater impact. With some unique and relevant insights and skills, many still feel frustrated at being excluded from substantive discussions or passed over to lead interventions intended to improve the organization’s competitiveness and business results. You want to hear about key strategies that shape your organization's future at the table at which they are being created, not in The Wall Street Journal.

We accelerate the development of Senior Internal OD and HR professionals’ capability. We build both skill and confidence to raise their game as they immerse themselves in our holistic, highly interactive, and sustained development program utilizing a mix of proprietary research, insights, and tools. This integrated experience focuses on increasing competency in three primary roles (The Trusted Advisor, The Consultant, and The Change Architect) and on the three domains required to ensure the sustainability of change: within (intrapersonal), between (interpersonal), and among (systemic). At the next opportunity, will you be invited to play, or will you still find out after the fact?
Is this for you?

  • Do you want to make even greater contributions to the success of your business partners? Are the leaders of your business more change savvy, and do they expect a different level of contribution from you than in the past?
  • Are you frustrated with the rhetoric and expectation of HR as “strategic business partners” but can find no concrete path to that end?
  • Do you desire to raise the level of your contribution using the benefit of your years of experience and grounded in the realities of organizational life?
  • Are you eager for senior executives to call you and ask for your advice? Are your clients demanding more, and are you ready to deliver?
  • When the most important decisions about your company are made, are you at the table?

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Senior Internal Consulting

A strong cadre of change management professionals could be the make or break difference in getting your strategy executed. Why not build your own?

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