We talk about you a lot…thought we'd write some of it down.

Writing is an important part of how we learn about you.  We wrestle with big ideas and questions we feel better prepare us to serve you effectively.

Rising to power Rising to Power - The Journey of Exceptional Executives
By Ron Carucci and Eric Hansen
"You get to commit to becoming an executive worthy of the trust bestowed on your role. And you get the humble privilege of making an impact on the lives of many for the years you remain leading. If that is what you desire, and I sincerely hope it is, I’m confident Rising to Power can help you get there."

Paul Maass, President, ConAgra Foods

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Leadership Divided Leadership Divided: What Emerging Leaders Need and What You Might Be Missing
By Ron Carucci
"Over two millennia ago, Heraclitus observed that "change alone is unchanging" and "a man's character is his guardian divinity."  For me, Ron Carucci has compellingly woven these two timeless themes into 'Leadership Divided'.  The change we face as businesses and as individuals is the constant.  Positional authority isn't. We all seem to have the capacity to grow as leaders but many of us won't."

Tony Siesfeld, Ph.D., Partner, The Monitor Group


BLD Cover Bridging the Leadership Divide: Building High-Performance Leadership Relationships Across Generations
By Ron Carucci, Josh Epperson, and Lela Tepavac
This workshop will invite leaders of differing generations to practical conversations that help remove barriers to productive relationships between incumbent and emerging leaders. While there is much information available on generational demographics, the focus of this program is on the relational aspects of generational dynamics.

Based on research within organizations, six patterns that distinguish distressed versus effective intergnerational relationships have been identified. The patterns include: rank, meaningful conversation, inclusion and engagement, dreaming, generosity, and gratitude. The workshop will explain and assess these patterns as well as explore how they promote or hinder cross-generational relationships. The workshop includes case studies, role plays, journaling exercises, and action planning tools.

The facilitator's guide and participant workbook complete the workshop set of materials.


Leadership Divided Future in-Formation: Choosing a Generative Organizational Life
By Ron Carucci and Josh Epperson
"Why are we here? What do we stand for? Where are we going? My job, and every leader’s imperative, is to make the answers to these universal questions come alive for others. That is no small task, which is why I found this book’s focus on “generativity” so compelling. Ron and Josh explore the attitudes and behaviors that can generate health, growth, and adaptability in an organization and lead to a more sustainable future."

Teri Ann Drake, Senior Vice President-Creative, Hallmark Cards Inc.


Creating Transformation Through Managerial Courage: For a general counsel, demonstrating managerial courage can transform the entire organization.
Published on www.metrocorpcounsel.com
"If you have never been a risk taker, if you’ve never been comfortable having the difficult conversations, raising the red flag when you need to as a lawyer, there is no way you are going to be able to coach that in the team below you."


To be a top legal leader, you must be a top business leader
Published in Inside Counsel, www.insidecounsel.com
"Aspiring to become general counsel? Or maybe you're just looking to advance one step up the ladder in your legal department?...'context' is often the hardest for those raised in the legal world to understand. For in-house counsel to truly have a proper context of their position they need to understand the business's aspirations just as well as they do legal aspirations."


How To Use Your Power To Make Things Happen
Published in thoughtLEADERS LLC, www.thoughtleadersllc.com
"Somewhere in the organization you lead are stories of injustice, poor performance that has been over-rewarded and great performance that has been under-valued. See your positional power as a resource that, while unable to right all of the wrongs of the past, can resolve not to perpetuate them, and can shift your organization to one people can trust and participate in confidently."


Companies Rehearse a Very Different Future: Connecting Leadership Capability and Strategy Execution Through Simulation
Published in Global Business and Organization Excellence, Wiley Periodicals, Inc.
"...'Rehearsing the Future' simulations immerse leaders in a fictitious business context strategically similiar to their company's desired future to solve critical issues as a leadership team.  The author differentiates future rehersal simulation from computer simulation..."


Building Trust and Cohesiveness in a Leadership Team
Published in The Systems Thinker, Pegasus Communications, Inc.
"Behavioral dysfunction was hampering the ability of a senior leadership team to work effectively and further a strategic agenda for the organization - a Fortune 100 manufacturing company. In seeking to address this dysfunction, we used an approach that focused not only on addressing the behavioral manifestation of the dysfunction in the team, but also at making the invisible source of this dysfunction visibile i.e. the beliefs and mental models that contributed to the behavior. This two-pronged model was a powerful approach that resulted in positive outcomes for the organization and for the team."


Bridging the Leadership Divide: Forging Meaningful Relationships Between Generations of Leaders
Published in Journal of Leadership Studies, Wiley.
"The study of generational leadership differences has now broadened and intensified to an impressive body of literature and discussion. The problem is that the conversation continues to be framed as a demographic challenge of difference, which only furthers the division, rather than a relationship challenge that calls for new ways to connect the generations."


Cloned Development Contributes to Crisis of Leadership Supply
Published on www.TalentManagement.com
"The current generation's leaders always seem to have a list of complaints about members of the next generation: They're lazy. They're rude..."


Stacking the Bench: Developing Tomorrow's Leaders
Published on www.TalentManagement.com
"As businesses scramble to attract and retain top talent in today's competitive marketplace, they often neglect to secure the future leaders..."


Relationships that Enable Next Generation Leaders
Published in Leader to Leader Journal No. 42, Executive Forum
"...Many [CEOs] have concluded that quality 'future potentials' are rare.  However, their cynicism couldn't be more inaccurate.  Current research demonstrates..."