When your next big change simply has to go right.

We understand the stakes are high.  You are an executive attempting the daunting task of navigating major change.  We...get it.  We have a multi-decade track record of accompanying executives and their organizations on the journey of navigating through unprecedented transformation.

Ultimately, we understand that your next move must go right.

navalent defined...

nav·i·gate Verb. 1. To plan or direct a course of action.  2. To undertake a significant journey and make one’s way safely. 
va·lence Noun. 1.  The ability of a substance to interact with another or to produce an effect.  2.   The combining capacity of chemical bonds to produce radical change. 
na-va-lent 1.  Successfully navigating a significant journey and discovering all of the necessary points of connection to realize transformational change.  2. To “bind” or “align” an organization in the service of radical change.  3. Your thought partners in producing executable solutions that realize your organization’s highest aspirations.

Organizational Consulting and Leadership Consulting

At Navalent, an organizational consulting and leadership consulting firm, we build executable solutions that result in transformational change for you and your organization.

We’re known for taking the time to understand your needs, your context, and your ambitions from the beginning – so that our resulting recommendations are on target.  Our organizational consulting and leadership consulting professionals then draw on our extensive experience to design one-of-a-kind solutions befitting your one-of-a-kind challenges. Together, we can make profound immediate and long-term impacts on your business.

Let Navalent power your transformation journey.